2018 what have you taught me ?

2018 what have you taught me ?
To continue, to look forward to everyday, despite the failures, despite fall downs, heart aches, and disappointments. You taught me to pick up my strength and walk the path again, again and again. To embrace my successes.

You brought wisdom to my life, I have learned, grown up and matured.

2018 the year of change, of letting go of expectations.

You taught me that best friends are rare, sometimes you find them sometimes you don't. (A good friend is one in million. When you stop searching for them in wrong places you will find them in right places).

You taught me to understand that I don't have to wait to be happy, to run away to be content, or to push someone from my life to be safe.

Simply said: you the year 2018 you taught me the art of living, being, loving,

to find myself when absent,

the mindfulness in baby steps,

in this really puzzled world,

I kiss goodbye to welcome new.