Ako si objednať Online ANJ alebo angličtinu mailom (anglicka verzia)

How to order online English:
Write me that you are interested in online English course and answer these questions please. Your answers will help me to make wholistic picture about you, as well will help me to know you even better, so I can prepare for you tasks/assignments that are both interesting and useful.
It's better than resume which is usually short and formal.

What fields interest you ? (psychology, economics, art, fashion, health, nutrition, philosophy, science, technology, self-help books, recepes, sport, travelling, IT, architecture, tourism?)
Do you have siblings, family?
Do you watch TV or YouTube?
How much time do you spend on your laptop?
Do you read? If yes, what? Articles, books, magazines?
Do you like cooking?
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
What kind of people do you like?
How do you spend your time?
Do you do sports?
Do you travel?
Why do you want to learn English (improve English)?
What have you studied (at high school, university)?
What do you do?
Describe your character?
What films do you like?
What kind of music do you listen?
Do you like nature and hicking?
Which countries are your favourite?
What programs do  you watch on TV or YouTube?
Are you active on social networks?
What famous/known persons do you like?
Do you like city life?
Do you dance?
Who have mostly influenced you in your life?
Which year's season is your favourite?
Do you like your job/school/university?
Would you like to change something about yourself or your life?
What does nature mean to you?

Online English or English by mail versus Online English and Skype lesson:
At first I was indecisive whether to include Skype lesson or not. Because this programs includes occasional speaking lessons in my classroom. However, this is only possible for those who live near.
So I offer a different version of this program that includes Skype lesson as well.

Next step is to write me what kind of program are you interested in.