How to live healthy and successful life?

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Along with the hard work of accepting past events, you must also accept yourself, both as you are now and as you were. You can change what you are but you cannot change what you were.

The message is not that you should have no feelings for past problems. Having feelings is part of being human-they are natural and normal. However, it is best when they are in keeping with the event, and not all out of proportion.

There is also a healing from forgiving yourself.

Keep in mind that persistence is everything.

If you concentrate on living fully and in the present each day, not getting bogged down with your old regrets and resisting your " what iffting ", about the past and future, you can accomplish your healing or success.

Doubting is a deseas.

How we feel and think is a biochemical. Or in other words, sometimes feelings and thoughts can be biochemical or even synthetic.

Fear is originated in mind, therefore there is no escape. Fear must be confronted. Sometimes you have to stay long enough with fear, to learn the truth that the fear is unjustified. Real fear is real, it envolves "fight or flee" reaction but false fear envolves anxiety.

Habit is changed by habit.

It is human nature to always want easy, quick and simple solutions to life's problems.

Everything works for somebody, but nothing works for everybody.

Some solutions are counterintuitive.

Getting well is 50 percent of the job, and staying well is the other 50 percent.

Our happiness, strength and health depends on our brain's chemistry.

Health is the result of living in a state of balance.

Health is being in charge and in control of our mind and behaviour.

To stay healthy is sometimes the hardest thing ever.

Acceptance can actually be one of the most effective ways of bringing about change.

Becoming a more accepting person would include letting go of the unwinnable struggle to control things.

One way of achieving acceptance is to truly understand that many things in life cannot always be exactly the way we want.