Reprogram Your Mind Through Affirmations | Marisa Peer

Reprogram Your Mind Through Affirmations | Marisa Peer

Rules of mind:

What is expected tends to be realised

Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your own mind or the mind of others

In a battle between emotion and logic, emotion always wins

Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do

Your mind works to move you from pain to pleasure

Your mind responds to the picture and words you install

Your mind wants to return to what is familiar and avoid what is unfamiliar

Whatever you focus on, you get more of

You make your beliefs then your beliefs make you

The strongest force in humans is that we must act in a way that consistently matches our thinking

Your thoughts from a blueprint that your mind and body work to make your reality

What you present to your mind, your mind will present back to you

Your mind does not care if what you say is good, bad, true, healthy, unhealthy, right or wrong, it acts on your words regardless
Every thought you think causes a physical reaction and an emotional response within you
When dealing with the subconscious mind, the greater the conscious effort the less the subconscious responds
The mind learns by repetition
The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs or thoughts they cancel each other out

Hypnotic language patterns for effective teaching:
Child's mind can only work in the present tense
Child's mind can only respond to words that make pictures, the more vivid the picture, the more powerful the response
Child's mind does not recognise neutral words like don't , can't, no,not, maybe, tomorrow (don't touch, don't do drugs)
Child's mind responds better to specific words and instructions, later does not work for children
Children respond to positive words so eliminate every negative word. Focus only on the effort not the achievement
Child's vivid mind responds to detailed dynamic descriptions and to the use of all the senses
You are- you can-you always-are better than you might, you could
What the child's mind sees it believes as real so no violent news or sex on screens in their presence
When you label a child you limit a child