Some of my thoughts during past few years

"For me to be creative in life, to be in flow and to surf "the wave of life", to let go of everything what I need not, to let in everything that I fall in love with, to surrender, to be productive in the most optimal way, I need an emotional trigger. An impuls that mixes my inner world with the outer. Something stronger than myself, something enormously "distant and close" at the same time. Something that pulsates together with my heart beat. Then, I can be creative, active, proactive, reactive, formative, alive."

"The more I live, the more I understand the temporariness of everything around us."

"Good realationship is something you build, everyday with the intention for it to last as longer as possible, as stronger as possible."

"If you want to take, give."

"Hope never dies, unless you destroy it."

"In order to read between lines, to catch the unspoken thoughts and feeelings, be silent and look deeper into eyes of other person."

"Listen to actions not to words. Actions speak louder."

"I have not figured it out yet, what is better to be shallow or deep ?"

"Life is a river, it will take you to unknown places."

"I read for new ideas, I don't read for entertainment."

"I watch Youtube for information, motivation and inspiration, I seldom watch movies for entertainment."

"Your study of English language should be very appealing, attractive, exciting, positive emotion and senses triggering, just like tasty comfort food that you love to binge. Make it that way. Fall in love with it, so you can rise. Make from your learning process, something you look forward to.. day and night, something you love to the moon and back, something that continuously stimulates your mind and brain, rises your dopamin levels and makes you want more and more, unless you do that, you will be bored and your learning will remain dull, demotivating and you will make no progress."

" There is no me or you, only we." When we live by this statement, by this truth, we come to " enlightened selfishness " as Aristotel said. What is enlightened selfishness ? It is when you do good things to people without expecting anything in return. You stop expecting gratitude from them, and you dont focus on ingratitude. I try to implement this in my teaching process of English language, together as a class, teacher-students, we can go further and beyond planned expectations if we can refucus our attention from " how can I obtain more profit here " to " how can I better and improve together with others now and here. "

"In order to be a good learner of English language, a fluent speaker and succeed at learning it as a second language and mastering it efficiently in all areas of your life you need to make a lot of introspection, self-reflection and evaluation besides a lot of practise at lessons and in real life. In some areas you can definitely apply the 80/20 principle especially in grammar and focus your predominant attention and intention on vocabulary. It's your legitimate right."

"A problem stops being a problem when you stop seing it as a problem."

"Life always reminds us that nothing is forever."

"My way is the way of heart."

"The less you push and try hard, the easier things are and come to you."

"The door of cage is open, it's up to you whether to stay in it or to leave..."

"Your heart will attract your people."

 "Fight or flee" mode evolves high adrenaline or cortisol."

"You are what you eat. You are what you say. You are what you think."

"Food is your medicine. Food can be a poison or a medicine. Food can heal our ailments."

"Food can heal physical ailments whereas meditation can heal mental imbalances."

"Anyone can be smart but not everybody can be wise."

"Don't postpone your happiness to future, it may never come. Live here and now."

"Love shouldn´t hurt otherwise it´s not love. But, addiction, false love, dependence, limerance or atachment."

"Reading is like a food for my mind. It's the best medicine, pill, tablet, cure and remedy. It's the best free time activity. It's the right choice. Love is food for my soul. Food is food for my body. But reading is food for my mind."

"The most beautiful moments: are those when we are at our highest vibe, when we are creative, wild, unfiltered, living adventurous, and when we face our fears and let them go."

"It's better not to take things literally, it's better not to take things too seriously and it's better not to take things personally."

"To change: is to say goodbye to anything that is part from your past, when you step to your future."

"What is self love? when you don't waste your time with wrong people, and you don't waste your time doing things that hurt you."
"Stress can be meaningful, if you find meaning in it."

"Did you know that love has many languages...languages which people around the world can use: To give gifts. To praise and compliment. To be with you, hold, cuddle and kiss. To speak and share. To help."

"Maybe it is better to be "an interesting woman" rather than "only a beautiful woman."

"I think that there are more than five primal senses, for example: sense of creativity, sense of adventure, sense of responsibility, sense of authenticity, sense of humour, equity, and beauty."

"Art lessons that I attend are my little trips to unknown."

"Your heart will attract your people.ô

"Very often the strangers can be more close to us than our family. It's sad, but it's the reality.
Sometimes it's better to be alone than among crowds where no one understands you.
It's better to say goodbye than to pretend that everything is fine.
When there is no transparency it's difficult to breath, and to be yourself.
When you can talk freely with someone about any topic such as sex, money and problems, without judgement and prejudices, you truly can say that you have found a free spirit.
When you think more about the comfort of others and they appreciate it, the relationship is respectful.
Don't say no when you mean yes, and don't say yes when you mean no, because you cheat yourself."

"Very often children are more kind than adults."

"The net that will catch you when you jump of the cliff, is your total trust for yourself and for life when you face your fears and decide to let them go."

"If something doesn't work for you, change it.
If you don't get well with someone, say thank you and find someone else.
If you can't adapt, you are not ready yet.
If cooperation doesn't work, that's ok.
Chemistry is not only between lovers but also in any formal relationships among people in general.
Some people are attracted to one another and some are repelled and that is normal."

"Learn to let go and see how much you will gain."

"I have learned to say No to worry and Yes to life."

"It's "the balance" that we urge. "The harmony" that we look for. "The matual chemistry and understanding" that we search. "The acceptance not refuse" that we hope."

"I always knew I will not live a very typical life, I always knew that I don't blend to any cultural background, that I will stay aloof despite being in crowds. I have always been aware that being mixed raced I will not belong to any race completely. And the fact that I have lived in many countries and been introduced to different cultures and languages made me different. My accent is a bit different and my world visions may vary and probably I perceive the world in a broader lense. I have fully accepted my difference in a society. Now, I see my shortcomings as strengths. Sometimes you need balls to stand up, walk out to stay yourself. True to yourself but you risk, and when you risk you loose your sense of belonging. This is why probably I always had strong desire for individualism and independence. It's not that I am too adventures, it's only a strong longing for freedom."

"Very often some unpleasant situations or bad situations, bring something good, in other words, we can find wisdom in adversity if we trully understand it and learn from it. If one door is closed another is opened and sometimes even better."

"When we are aware that we are here for only limited time, we become more and more aware of present moment, our longing to live every moment to the optimum rises. And to experience all possibilites that life can provide. We give importance to time, because we learn that life is made of time. We start making wise, right, good, brave and sometimes risky desicions that drive us to more liveliness. We become more loving and receptive to love."

"You can't make anyone love you, in other words, you can't force someone to love you."

"You can't force things to happen to you, the things will happen for you on their own, at right time and at right place."

"Like attracts like."

"Contrasts attract each other as well."

"Nothing lasts forever."

"In life there are ups and downs, and then again ups and downs and again ...again."

"If you want to forget forgive and vise versa."

"Not everything that glitters is gold."

"You have to learn to let go things that you don't need in your life."

"Simplicity makes you rich in your soul."

"Let go toxic people from your life."

"The moment you know your worth, people will feel that."

"It takes so long to make friends and seconds to lose them, due to some argument or different opinion."

"People don't want to repair broken relationship, once it is broken, they leave. Very few have guts to solve, renew, upload the relationship and start from all over again."

"Only strong people can handle broken people."

"Time goes fast when we are busy and when we start to enjoy things. And time goes slow when we are depressed or bored."

"Past is gone and never ever will come back, present is the only „real“ time you have, the future is only a dream that haven't come true yet. Present is the only reality we have."

"There are two kinds of people, those who open the doors and those who build the walls."

"We don't own others."

"Speak up for yourself, be your own guardian, if you have lost your voice, find it."

"The more we get older, the more we appreciate quality people, quality time, quality food, quality free time, being useful and giving values to others."

"Life is the best teacher it will teach you everything you need to know."

"Weigh your words, some can take literally what you say."

"When we fall down we loose what we don't need. In falling is cleaning. In falling is letting go. We let go of unneeded stuff. We say goodbye to welcome new."

"Show up in life. What does to show up mean ? To be there, to be present, sincere and attentive in every moment."

"There is no right decision nor wrong decision. Very often we are under the pressure when we need to make a decision, usually an important one. And very often when we have many options it's harder to make decision. Because our mind has tendency to complicate things when we are under stress so we become unsure and insecure. There is no right decision nor wrong decision. There are just different consequences due to different decisions."

"What is difference between a feeling and a thought? Well, I think that a feeling is a transformed thought from "state of logic" into more "complex and wholistic state". And I see it as "a reflection of our perception of ourselves and the world around us". In other words, "feeling comes from soul" whereas "thought comes from mind" or "feeling is spiritual" wheras "thought is rational"."

"Thoughts are strong when you empower them with emotions, if you keep them detached from emotions or feelings they are less important, weak, random or powerless."

"The revolutionary education system. I have learned that my "mind (brain)" is the most powerful organ in my body. And I have learned that "time" is the best teacher. And "the best lessons" are life lessons. I made a decision to study and learn from virtual mentors from all around the world. This self-education, we can call it as "the revolutionary education", it's your private school and private university, you go there when you want, and you study what you want :)"