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Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Poor Dad - How To Invest In Yourself

Some notes from interview:

Fake teacher teaches things he doesn't practise.

Real teacher teaches things he practises in life.

Children should be educated about money and accounting at school.

He doesn't give poor people money but knowledge.

If you give poor people money, they will stay poor.

Poor people say I can't afford it, I can't do it, I don't have time. And they become what they say. They play it safe and they don't take risks. They say I have secure job.

Rich people say how can I do that.. what should I do to afford that.. and why should I do that...
Question opens mind and a statment closes mind. And the mind shuts down and you become what you say.

We are creatures of habit and untill we break habit we don't change.

If you say I don't care about money, money doesn't care about you too.

Poor people say: rich are greedy.
Actually: Poor are greedy. Greedy people produce nothing. Whilst rich people give a lot, jobs, payment and housing.

Poor people are selfish they always talk about themselves and their problems.

When you are rich you solve peoples problems and this is how you provide value.

B. Rose said when he has pain he knows that he is stuck in poor dad's mind and believing what everyone else is saying. And not making decisions for himself by himself.

Schools teach how to stay poor.

Poverty is passed on in families.

We have to change what we teach children.

Social media is antisocial. People are so agresive.

People need to go back to meditation, calm, peace, yoga.

Arguments break up very fast among people.

One of the generelized principles is the emerge through emergency.

He had failures but that is good because that's how he grows. And that a spirituality. People who are afraid to make mistakes, as they teach at schools, never grow. Because spirituality is about good and bad, up and down, positive and negative. Most people want to be right or pozitive but that is not reality.

When failure, ask yourself what have I learned..
Average person plays it safe. Doesn't take risks and doesn't do mistakes as school, this is school teaches them and that why schools are corrupted. At school teacher say to students don't make mistakes and don't ask for help.

In business he( Mr. Kiyosaki) is like rugby player, everyone helps everyone.
But A student wants to do everything by himself.

Some people are team players but others are golf players they like to play by themselves.

The average person is so blinded because they went to school and were taught by poor people and it's handed down throu generations.

He is against school system because it is teaching students to be poor.

Today at school, noboday can tell you anything offencive. You must be politically correct.

No peanuts. (If you take away peanuts from children and say you can't have it you are alergic, these children will develop alergy up to 80% of them. If you give it to them probably only 30% will have it.)

Mr Kiyosaki intuitevely needed descipline so he applied to military school. And he applied there because his poor dad told him, you are so worthless as student, I am not going to pay for your education. And he told his dad, thank you dad you did me a big favour, now I have to think.

They yelled at him in military and called him names. And that's how he toughned up.

Passion is selfish. You are doing what you want. Purpose is not selfish, you are doing something for somebody else. And there is something beyond that and that is what does God want to be done ? Not what you want to do. What does God want that I do ? Most people are too busy for selfish reasons.

Women are smarter about money than men. Men have egoes. Men want toys, cars, more.

B. Rose: Do you meditate?

Mr. Kiyosaki: Yes. Every morning.

B.Rose: What does it do for you?

MR. Kiyosaki: Magic.

Our failures are not necessary failures.

Pain or anger on somebody is only pain from past.

In marriage or relationships things build up. That's why we need to deal with that. Deal with everyday conflicts.

Conflicts are pains from past.

That's why it's ok to make mistakes, to talk about failures, to seek therapy to meditate to pray and study spiritual work and about money.

God wants people to live in prosperity. God doesn't want people to be poor.

Technology evolves a lot. But humans don't. Humans have to evolve.

He was slow at school. He is more artistic kind of person. This is what made him successful because he draws pictures in his mind.

C students employ A students.

At school he was cooperative (that is what teachers call cheater). Today that's what makes him successful. Today he works with the smartest people in the world.

You have to have good team and schools teach that to have a good team is cheating. That's why most teachers at schools are poor. To ask for help is cheating.

Cheating is giving A to somebody in need. And that's human.

Many people let others (parents) decide for them how to live.

By failure we succeed.

Schools punish for making mistakes. That's why so many people are afraid to make mistakes. And are afraid from failure.

Many times he failed because he was too successful.
Most people are afraid from failure this is why they never succeed.

We get what our parents got. World visions are passed on in families from generations to generations. We have to make conscious effort to change our thinking and break old habits. Because we will teach them to our children.

Behind great message there is more.

Mission connects people.

Humans have more power than we think. Not mental but spiritual.

Most people are busy for selfish reasons.