Thoughts of today

Thoughts of today

For me to be creative in life, to be in flow and to surf "the wave of life", to let go of everything what I need not, to let in everything that I fall in love with, to surrender, to be productive in the most optimal way, I need an emotional trigger. An impuls that mixes my inner world with the outer. Something stronger than myself, something enormously "distant and close" at the same time. Something that pulsates together with my heart beat. Then, I can be creative, active, proactive, reactive, formative, alive.

The more I live, the more I understand the temporariness of everything around us.

Good realationship is something you build, everyday with the intention for it to last as longer as possible, as stronger as possible.

If you want to take, give.

Hope never dies, unless you destroy it.

In order to read between lines, to catch the unspoken thoughts and feeelings, be silent and look deeper into eyes of other person.

Listen to actions not to words. Actions speak louder.

I have not figured it out yet, what is better to be shallow or deep ?

Life is a river, it will take you to unknown places.