In the sea of other books around it, what piqued your interest about that one particular book? Talk about designers who inspire you and how they have influenced your practice, as well as specific books that have meant a lot to you. Their success means your success — and a reliable paycheck. Authors and publishers depend on these talented individuals to create images and depictions of events that will capture the attention of a readership majority. Furthermore, most successful design careers don’t start immediately by hitting the ground running. Let’s explore a few of their characteristics. As a freelancer, everything falls on your shoulders. As a designer, you need to know how to design a cover that is attention-grabbing while also representative of the story within. The back of a book jacket will often contain a brief synopsis of the book. Caroline Teagle, for instance, still takes classes at the School of Visual Arts here in NYC: "I want to focus on developing a particular skill or add some new work to my portfolio that varies from what I do professionally.". It’s about understanding how to properly balance images, text, and information within the limited space of a book’s cover. Choose a design direction. Whether you have an expansive portfolio or are right out of college, you’ll find that there are many routes into the book design profession. This is a big task involving creativity most of all, but also an understanding of the content of the book, and even some business skills. College degrees: Most editors have at least a bachelor's degree, usually in English, communications, or journalism.Some have graduate degrees, but it’s not a requirement.More important than the specifics of your education are a passion for reading and an aptitude for editing. So, whether you have a design degree or are self-taught, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest design tools. Many designers swear by e-learning courses, found on platforms such as or Adobe software seminars, which are also helpful for formally trained designers to keep their skills up! Make a Professional Book Cover and Start Promoting Design Your Own Book Cover No matter the genre, you're sure to find a book cover template for you to finish up your work. To do this, the artist will often need to read the book, or at least read a detailed synopsis. For instance, designer Patrick Knowles’s first job was working as a freelancer for a British children’s non-fiction publisher. This usually requires the use of advanced computer software, including imaging software and design software. But if you want to design book covers, be knowledgeable enough about the book topic to propose a design for its cover.Book cover creators should be able to give readers an idea of what that book is about. You may also get benefits such as health insurance and a company-sponsored retirement fund. He will also need to choose a font for the title of the book and the author’s name. Building a network will help you get in touch with more clients and broaden your exposure. You are your own boss with no one to answer to, and you make all the business and creative decisions — but your business’ success is entirely up to you. The rise of self-published authors has increased the demand for freelance design professionals, making it the perfect time to join the industry. ), so we used magic markers for visualising and ordered up rub-down transfers for mocking up covers for book fairs like Bologna and Frankfurt. Even if these designs never make it onto the actual covers of books, your potential clients will be able to see your design abilities through them. If you want to work in-house for a publisher, you might face stiff competition and a harder entry barrier that may at the very least require a university degree just to be considered as a candidate for the job. If you're an exceptional writer or like-minded company, please get in touch! In order to be able to create book covers that are relevant for the target audience, designers need to be constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing world of design. There is no one degree that an individual can earn that will start their book cover art career.