For expats seeking a new chapter in their lives, what Denmark has to offer in terms of stunning natural beauty, gorgeous seasides, historic cities and towns, and modern cosmopolitan life could make living in Denmark the experience of a lifetime. This guide is designed to give you some basic understanding of what you need to know about living in Denmark long-term, as well as introducing you to some of the challenges and joys facing expats who are currently living in Denmark. The Danish government and citizens are also rightly proud of a strongly green-oriented outlook that prioritises environmental as well as human factors as paramount considerations in city planning. They have adopted a green, environmentally-friendly “digital by default” program that not only reduces paper waste, but makes life a whole lot easier for everyone living in Denmark. Expat Exchange - Expats in Uruguay: Pros and Cons of Living in … 5 Pros and Cons about living in Copenhagen – Out at Sunrise The other figure to consider is this: in the U.S. more of that much higher rate of healthcare spending is coming out of the pockets of individuals. Who could argue against cultural exchange with a populace that consistently ranks in the top tier of happiness and quality of life surveys? But the benefits of living in Denmark also include plenty of gorgeous, natural places to enjoy some quiet camping, hiking, and time at the seashore. Unless you happen to come from a particular rank or point of view there are no formalities required. There is an expectation that you will spend some time with your family and friends pursuing the things you love or making time to be with them. Danes are proud of their flat management structure, which values all employees and emphasises teamwork. It doesn’t matter whether you’re religious, or not. December 22, 2018 Living No Comments. There are some downsides to living there, and you’ll have to consider those before you make a choice to move. Defining the Aurora Borealis, Swedish boy names: Popular Swedish male names, What is the capital of Iceland? Climate: Average July temperature is 63ºF (17ºC) while in February the average is 32ºF (0ºC). If you are planning on driving, you would expect gas to cost around 11 DKK a litre. Although visitors from most nations are eligible for a 90-day tourist visa, it’s wise to access the official. It doesn’t matter what happens to be your gender identity, how much money you have or what your educational background is while you’re here. Stockholm vs. Copenhagen: Which should you visit? Of those there are about 10,000 U.S.-born residents, 15,000 from the U.K., and just under 3,000 from Australia. Explaining the success of Scandinavian economies. France’s landscapes are incredible. After living in Singapore for almost five years, I’d like to share some pros and cons of living in the Lion City for … An Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) study showed Americans each spent an average of $9,892 annually on healthcare, 145 percent higher than the median rate for the 34 high-income OECD nations. (That’s 133 buckaroos for those of you keeping track from the land where Levi’s were born…). It is divided into 5 major regions, with Copenhagen as their capital. Cons of living in Italy. 27 Shares. The cost of textbooks ranging from €200 to € 300 each semester contributes to the high costs, but when the child reaches a higher class, school materials can be purchased at less expensive prices or you can borrow and scan library books. When you are coming from outside to Denmark, then it’s important to know what the concept of an unfurnished apartment is before you move here. This could be around 56 DKK for regular pain relievers or 78 DKK for antibiotics. For 3.7 million Danes and foreigners living in Denmark, business transactions both large and small—from banking to paying rent to buying groceries to splitting a lunch tab—are completed using the app. Total population of Denmark: 5.8 million. As you’ll read in just about every published article talking about Danes and the pros and cons of living in Denmark, citizens, expats and visitors alike remark on how happy the people of Denmark are. As an American living in France, you will find that there are differences from life in the states. It’s hard to fathom these days, but it wasn’t too long ago that picking up stakes and moving to a foreign country to live and work was unimaginable for the majority of people. The only equivalent alternative to this advantage applies to Americans who are eligible to fly to various states without any paperwork. For starters, the majority of people living in Denmark use a mobile payment app called MobilePay, which was introduced by Danske Bank in 2013. Denmark has been settled since the Stone Age, and indeed it boasts of being the world’s oldest monarchy. You actually get a stipend when you are in school. Another surprise for recent transplants living in Denmark is that income inequality is among the lowest in the OECD nations. Living in Denmark is safe, in almost every sense of the word. There are many pros and cons living in France compared to the USA. Nowhere in the world is perfect, and that includes Italy. The pros and cons of living in Iceland: Everything you need to know, Living in Sweden: The pros and cons of living in Sweden, What is the Nordic Model? There won’t be any financial forms to fill, bills to worry about, or hassles to handle. Con #1: The Humidity. Living in Denmark’s other cities or towns will likely yield lower prices for things like rent or entertainment, but other costs like food and necessities are likely to stay in line with what people pay in the capital. But it’s the country’s Viking heyday from about 700 AD to 1100 AD that resonates most strongly when people think about the outsized history of this tiny nation. But before you pack your bags and hop on the next plane to Copenhagen, it might be wise to take a closer look at the pros and cons of living in Denmark. Extensive and well-maintained roads and bicycle lanes. From these conversations I’ve had throughout the past four years I’ve compiled a short list of Share 7. What are the Northern Lights? There are lots of countries out there that are open to accepting foreigners looking to live and work away from their home country — what’s so great about living in Denmark as an expat? So here are my Pros and Cons of living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Popular Swedish cheese: What are the Swedish cheeses? And people living in Denmark enjoy that famous healthcare, so losing or changing your job doesn’t mean losing your health coverage. However, one important note to keep in mind is that with such an enviable atmosphere for people working and living in Denmark, the average job vacancy receives some 52 applications! After you’ve obtained the visa and permissions necessary for living in Denmark long-term, the first step to getting fully integrated into the the financial and governmental system is getting a personal registration number or CPR card (Det Centrale Personregister is its Danish name). Scandification is a participant in Amazon Service LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to and affiliated websites. Pros of living in France. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'scandification_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',116,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'scandification_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',116,'0','1']));Throughout the centuries, one of the benefits of living in Denmark has been its central location, perched as it is just north of Germany and southwest of Sweden. Capital and largest city: Copenhagen (other major cities: Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg). Many Americans will notice various pros and cons living in the UK compared to the USA. Stay tuned and we’ll bring the essence of Scandinavia to you. You’d still have to pay for the medication. Indeed, for anyone considering taking their career and life in such a drastically different direction and emigrating, living expenses in Denmark are usually right up at the top of the list of concerns. On one hand, Denmark is a really cool place to live, with a great society and laws that promote equality . Will heads up Scandification’s tech-team, occasionally reviewing the best of Scandinavian tech and design. The lifestyle in Denmark is very human-oriented, with an emphasis on culture, education, and social programs. Most offices here in this country are empty by 5 PM. Through our many moves, we’ve heard back from customers on things they would have liked … If you’ve ever lived in or near the U.S. Seattle area, then you have an idea of what the climate in Denmark is like. This is one of the easiest ways to discover, even without much intervention, a large region of space on our planet. But, living in the country isn’t all roses and sunshine every single moment. Also known as the yellow health insurance card, this number is the lifeblood of official existence for people living in Denmark. Recently, tax authorities have discovered a loss of €1.6 billion and there is no way to recover the losses at this moment. Living alone leaves you no choice but to mature financially and learn stuff on your own. One great way to get a leg up on the employment market in Denmark is to take aim at jobs in employment sectors with worker shortages, especially if your work history is more closely related to jobs that are less in demand for workers.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'scandification_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_17',134,'0','0'])); Do I need to speak Danish in order to get a job in Denmark? Denmark, a Scandinavian nation in northern Europe, is largely bordered by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. You’ll find that the citizens of each country do have fun tweaking their neighbours over what outsiders perceive as minuscule differences.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'scandification_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',129,'0','0'])); So why is living in Denmark as a foreigner such an attractive proposition? Unless you’re used to seeing plenty of sunshine all year round, then living in Denmark can be difficult. Many Copenhagen residents enjoy a pre or post-work exercise session by swimming laps right in the harbour. When it comes to figuring out whether you’d like to live with a roommate or not, it’s all about weighing the pros and cons. So let’s talk about my 5 pros to living in Oahu, Hawaii, and 5 cons I really don’t like. © Scandification 2021. 1. Living in Copenhagen/Denmark, compared to most of the world, will forever be a privileged thing since it is a good, stable and happy country. Living in Denmark has some particular pros and cons to consider. To advertise your brand to a global audience, contact our advertising team below. If you’re from another EU country or the U.K., the rules are similar, but you’ll need to get a registration certificate within 90 days of coming to Denmark. It’s expensive and many Danes are already spending a chunk of their ‘entertainment budget’ on gym and sports club membership. Click to see our cookie policy. If you do your weekly shopping at discount supermarkets like Bilka, Lidl, Netto, Fakta or Aldi you can save a lot on food. Pros of Living in Denmark 1. As an American living in the UK, you will find that there are differences from life in the states. As a part of your appointment, your doctor will scan the card. That makes it an appealing destination for travellers as well as expats who plan on living and working in Denmark for longer periods of time. Though learning the language after your move is helpful, there are still plenty of job opportunities to pursue in your chosen profession. United States of America or USA which is known as the home of the brave and land of the free is definitely an amazing place to live in. Expat life in Denmark: The pros and cons of living in Denmark. Thus, the government is eager to work with foreigners who are interested in emigrating to Denmark, and has set up a variety of programs for gaining legal status with varying requirements depending on where you’re from: So how much does it cost to live in Denmark? The Norwegian capital of Oslo. Share. This will cost you around 1,700 DKK if you wish to visit a private doctor. Pin 20. There are high standards on Danish campsites, but if you’ve camped elsewhere in Europe you might find them fairly costly. While Denmark proper has the smallest land area of the three Scandinavian countries, when you consider that Greenland is an “autonomous constituent nation” within the kingdom of Denmark, suddenly tiny Denmark dwarfs its northern neighbours. Most of the citizens in this country formed friendships during their childhood and as an adult, they don’t always seek to establish new relationships. While there are those who say that it’s possible for those migrating to Denmark to skip getting the card, that route seems to be way more trouble than it’s worth. 11 famous Scandinavian architects carrying on a proud tradition of innovation, Copenhagen’s Distortion Festival: A guide to Scandinavia’s wildest street party, How to get from Malmö to Copenhagen: The best options, How to get from Copenhagen to Malmö: The complete guide, How to get from Oslo to Copenhagen: Your options, Urbanears Jakan earphones review: Easy wireless listening, Urbanears Luma review: Modern wireless earbuds, Urbanears Sumpan earbuds review: In-ear buds with style, Where is Denmark? Why are Scandinavians so tall, and how do you measure up? This ideal spot gave both raiders and traders access to the European continent, the Baltic region, England and even Turkey and North America. If you remain true to who you are and give back to society, then you matter. Awarded 3rd place for quality of life (out of 64 countries), 6th place for personal finance and 8th place for work/life … Let’s start off with the 5 cons of why I don’t like living in Oahu. The average cost of dining out in the city is 25 EUR / person, and a beer or soft drink at a bar is about 5 EUR. The style here is a little different, sometimes they don’t even send you kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that Denmark’s government has made schooling completely tuition-free for EU students. Unemployment insurance for union workers nets you 90 percent of your pay for up to two years after leaving a job. Our review of Norway. In the modern world, travel and staying connected when you’re away from your usual stomping grounds has never been easier. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'scandification_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_10',132,'0','0']));Whereas the average amount of private healthcare spending in nations around the world is about 2.7 percent, in the U.S. that figure jumps to a whopping 8.8 percent. Living in a Ground Floor Apartment: Pros & Cons | Zameen Blog You will also be able to check out a book from the library. But with increasing global connectivity, high-speed internet, and travel getting so much cheaper and easier, more and more average people are looking into working and living in a foreign country. Take the capital, Copenhagen: according to Expatistan, as of August 2019 Copenhagen is the 26th most expensive city in the world and only the 10th most expensive in Europe. (Immigrants are generally eligible for this) 2. Scandinavian names: Popular Scandinavian names and their meanings, Meet Larsen and Eriksen: The watch designers from Denmark, Urbanista audio: Scandi designs to suit your lifestyle, Triwa watches: Transforming the watch industry forever, Meet Jays Audio, the Swedish headphone innovators. At the same time, management and ownership have the flexibility to make necessary adjustments in a fast-paced modern global economy. If you’re thinking of moving to Norway either for career advancement or to stay there, you need to evaluate the pros and cons of living there. The people in Denmark have a reputation for self-police, and someone with bad intentions can take advantage of the system and you under the right set of conditions. Who knows: you may never want to move back!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'scandification_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_12',141,'0','0'])); Thank you, William. The state healthcare system is free for all Danish residents, so you wouldn’t need to have healthcare-related expenses. It would be misleading to say that the healthcare services you get while living in Denmark are free, but if you choose to meet with the doctor, you will not be paying anything at the point of service. Depending on your spending habits, average food expenses in Denmark will be between 200 – 270 EUR / month. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'scandification_com-leader-2','ezslot_13',140,'0','0'])); Also, setting up a mobile phone or wifi service for a your new home as an expat in Denmark will prove difficult if not impossible without a CPR number. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tons of pristine parks and public spaces. However, you can save money on sports, if you make use of the outdoor training facilities that can be found in the major cities’ parks and green areas. Danish is the official language of Denmark, and Danish krone (DKK) is the currency. Land area: Denmark proper is 42,933 sq km while the entire kingdom is 2,220,930 sq km. These ten digits are not only your individual personal registration number and your healthcare ID number, it’s also the number you use to set up everything from a bank account to a cell phone to getting a gym membership when you are living in Denmark. This guide is designed to give you some basic understanding of what you need to know about living in Denmark long-term, as well as introducing you to some of the challenges and joys facing expats who are currently living in Denmark. Once you begin living in Denmark, then you can find that most people feel you deserve the respect you get. This employment philosophy gives employees a sense of security because they won’t be summarily fired if they fall ill or another hurdle affects their ability to work. When living in this nation, you’ll have an impressive exposure to art and culture, with plenty of opportunities to travel across Europe. Here are some more Copenhagen is Denmark’s most expensive city and it has a wide array of rooms at all price ranges – from inexpensive hostel dorms to a suite at the fancy pants Hotel d’Angleterre, which arrives at a wallet-wrenching rate of around 18,000 DKK (€2,400) a night. We've live here for over one year and we tell you the pros and cons of living in Norway. In fact, the waters around Copenhagen are so clean that they have earned a coveted “blue” rating for cleanliness. It means that after following the government’s conditions of residency, you will become a nationalized citizen, and then travel freely to other countries in Europe without the need for a visa or passport. Comprehensive, clean and consistent public transport. Type above and press Enter to search. Your education, start to finish is paid for by the state (which, yes I know, I pay for the state, so I don’t need to be reminded). Reddit. Scandification explores and celebrates the magic of Scandinavia. As with any country, there are some hoops to jump through in order to secure legal status to allow for living in Denmark long-term. All of these factors contribute to a very high standard of living in Denmark that is the envy of nations around the world. All employees and managers address one another by their first names, and employee forums are the norm in which every worker gets a chance to offer his or her opinion on most decisions. If you move in, you’ll want to look for a furnished apartment unless you’ve got the money to purchase the things you need for your first few days. There are also cost considerations to think about, especially if you’re moving from a low monetary-value country. Childbirth benefits in which both parents can trade off childcare duties while the other one works. Denmark’s crime rates are quite low but the legal system is not as effective as it should be. Indeed, health and fitness are also important factors to consider when thinking about emigrating to Denmark, with its bicycle culture and pedestrian-friendly streets. Cons of Living in Oahu, Hawaii. It’s not uncommon for small children’s parents to leave their jobs by 3:30 to pick them up from their daycare centres – which the government subsidizes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given this level of empowerment and such a strong sense of autonomy in the workplace, employees living in Denmark rank among the most-productive and hardest-working in Europe. You will eventually need to learn the Danish language. You are a citizen of any EU country, so the educational cost wouldn’t be too much for you as the tuition is absolutely free. There are about eight weeks of a hot summer to remember during July and August as well – or it may just stay cold and grey during the year too. Buying a car in Denmark would probably cost you even more. Denmark is of course a highly-developed, fully globally-integrated nation with extensive ties to the world economy as it has had for centuries. This list of pros and cons of modern living vs back to nature living that can help you decide which type of lifestyle is best for you. Everything you need to know about travelling in Scandinavia. When you decide not to learn this language, you may find that you are the odd person at work or at a social event. 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida - Honest Pros and Cons Although this may not be necessary if your stay is less than a year, anything longer will require you to make this effort so that you can effectively communicate in your community. You may find that when you start living in Denmark there are plenty of chances to make friends, but there’s also an excellent chance you’ll step away from your relationship network. The travel. Whereas this may not be important if your stay is less than a year, anything longer would demand that you make this effort so you can connect effectively with your group. Finding Denmark on the map, What is the capital of Denmark? Also of note, during World War II, occupied Denmark’s underground resistance fiercely battled the Nazis and succeeded in rescuing the vast majority of Denmark’s Jewish citizens, secretly spiriting them away to Sweden on fishing boats and other small craft. Even if you’re having extraordinarily bad luck, a response is available to help you manage your circumstances. The co-payments come as a tax deduction from the paycheck, similar to the way an employer takes back a part of your pay for the obligation to fund Medicare in the United States. A new, or similar, the Volkswagen Golf costs 266,800 DKK. For the expat determined to make a go of living in Denmark, it’s wise to carefully research each company you might potentially apply to, and to calibrate an appropriate sales pitch and CV accordingly. What is aquavit? eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'scandification_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_18',137,'0','0'])); And while it’s true that like most European nations and especially Scandinavian nations the cost of living in Denmark is somewhat higher than that of many other OECD countries, it just isn’t the case that living expenses in Denmark are all that different from most other developed countries. Through our many moves, we’ve heard back from expats on things they … We live on an island; it’s always humid. The following is a guest post from Broadstone Briar Forest, an upgraded classic apartment complex located in Houston’s Energy Corridor.. And for the Yanks out there considering living in Denmark as a foreigner, a quick search shows that the cost of living in Copenhagen is roughly on par with a number of major U.S. cities, including Seattle, Denver, Miami and Los Angeles. Like every other decision in life, choosing to live and work in this country has both positive and negative sides . Around half of the available positions are with the government here, and almost all of them need you to speak the national language for applying. Luckily, the official Denmark national website links to International House Copenhagen, a public/private partnership that helps people emigrating to Denmark manage the hurdles for getting legal status, as well as helping businesses link up with workers with needed skill sets. The same study showed that a pair of Levi’s will run you around kr905 or €121! Pros: 1. Join thousands of others and stay up to date with the our latest articles. For the most part, Danes have a welcoming attitude toward foreigners, apart from the kind of vocal minority of people who are opposed to immigration one finds in every country. The fact that the country is part of the Schengen Agreement is one of the benefits that you have when living in Denmark. This means that the high standard of living in Denmark is something that is shared across the board. Press Esc to cancel. The education system does teach English at age six but most people tend to use their first language while interacting with their families or friends.