My beauty experiment

My beauty experiment
I have noticed an interesting thing, when you are dressed up; elegant clothes, charming make up, people notice your looks. They compliment your beauty, your body, the clothes, your radiance.
However, when you are dressed casually, no make up, just pair of jeans and some random sweater, they start to notice and appreciate your mind. They compliment your intelligence, they say how brainy you are, how informed. They pay attention to your inner beauty.

Solution thinker

You can't run away from unpleasant experiences or memories, but you can make a peace in your mind with them. They will eventually disappear.
Very often we come to wisdom, we mature, we grow spiritually by the hardest times and failures.
Failure, disappointment, humiliation, abuse, not reciprocated feelings can break you or heal you. It's up to you, and it's according to whether you are "a problem thinker" or "a solution thinker".

Thoughts by my favourite youtuber

My favourite youtuber fullyrawkristina wrote this on her Instagram:

"It's amazing how many people will disappear from your life when you choose to be happy.
Some will even say goodbye to you at your lowest moment. The answers as to why someone leaves may never be clear, although I do know this: the reflection of how someone sees themselves is how they see you. Those who truly love you will stay."

The neurotransmitters

The neurotransmitters
Adrenaline: it's a fight or flight neurotransmitter. Produced in stressful or exciting situations. Leads to a physical boost and heightened awareness.

Dopamin: it's a pleasure neurotransmitter. Feelings of addiction too, movement and motivation. People repeat behaviours that lead to dopamin release.

Serotonin: mood neurotransmitter. Contributes to well-being and happiness, helps sleep cycles and digestive system regulation. Affected by exercise and light exposure.

Self-education habit

Self-education habit
Learn everyday.
Buy books, download books, borrow books and lend books.
Read the newest articles on the Internet, journals or magazines.
After you watch video on YouTube, read people's comments.
When you watch a video on YouTube, have a learning plan; write down new vocabulary and important points that the video is about.
When you read something have learning plan too, don't read only as a pass time activity, "read to learn". Write summary what it was about or important points.

Some healthy choices to incorporate in your diet

Some healthy choices to incorporate in your diet:
To eat a lot of organic seeds and nuts (minerals like zink, magnesium, calcium), especially at breakfast or as a seasoning in salads, (Seed cycling for women: it balances hormones. Fist half of cycle; linen seeds and pumpkin seeds, second half of cycle sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.)
To cook soups and lentils with organic sea-weeds, they give you all necessary minerals.
To cook porridge for breakfast.
To cook miso soup for breakfast.
No juices or fruit for breakfast.

How men and women think

How men and women think
Men think differently than women. Men think with logic, women think with feeling.
There is difference between a feeling and an emotion. Emotion is a sensation from an imbalance organ. Feeling is real.

A pearl from psychology

A pearl from psychology:

Limerence: it has been described as being "an involuntary potentially inspiring state of adoration and attachment to a limerent object involving intrusive and obsessive thoughts, feelings and behaviors from euphoria to despair, contingent on perceived emotional reciprocation". It is colloquially known as a "crush".