Self bad habits

Not loving yourself
Seeking love and approval from others
Overeating, eating sweets and fast food instead of gourmet food.
Being in bad company, surrounding yourself with people who don’t respect you, simply because you are afraid to be alone
Trusting others more than you trust yourself
Allowing others to treat you like a doormat
Not taking care of yourself, putting yourself on the back burner
When you let what others say matter more than what you say


Commitment has huge impact on our lives.

If you are highly motivated about something and you commit yourself, you are bond to succeed. Because "commitment is 150% work."

Sport, career, job, hobby...etc. are zones where you can work and do your best. This is when we say "that someone's in his element."


When we want to be understood and understand others, we need to have communication skill. Good communication should not be selfish talk about oneself (although this is a reality in many situations), person becomes too talkative and so into himself/herself that nothing else is important than them. This kind of communication is really tiring. Boring too. The sparkle to know the other person and enthusiasm to present yourself is lost as well. It's one way road. Monologue. Or radio turned on with some unbearable self talk. It gives you nothing.

"I love you, but I love myself more". = "I will walk away if you don't honor me."

If you have around you, or in your life, some toxic people, narcissistic people, people who hurt you all the time (sometimes they don't even know it) they can be close ones or strangers, people who don't value you as a human being or a woman/man, close the door, say goodbye or just run away. Why? Because these relationships are toxic. There is no integrity. You can't be wholesome when you are with them, no matter how hard you try.

Dancing in the wind

Recently I heard good views about dancing. Dancing can be incredibly relaxing all tension in your body and winding your mind from all accumulated thoughts that can burden you. It is an instant cure that releases stress. Just like an organic pill :-)  However I am not writing here about classical dancing and modern or another types of dancing, they are unquestionably great and a piece of art. What I mean here, is spontaneous dancing when you don't think about steps or any choreography. Dancing for yourself. Alone, in the jungle of nowhere. To free yourself and let go.

Your posture means a lot.

Well, this information is new for me...I mean I have heard many times mom telling me don't slouch...but I didn't know that “our posture can change our life“. When you change your posture to correct one, you automatically change your attitude to the world and your mindset consequently transforms to positive one. You no longer hide yourself, you are ready to present truly who you are to the world, you become friendly, likeable and sociable person. Unbelievable right ?

What parents really want ?

I remember acting like a boy when I was little girl, playing all day outside, somewhere behind the trees, somewhere where no one could see me. Pretending to be an Indian, or someone from space or maybe lost princess...dreaming and dreaming a lot :)

What is failure?

What is failure?

Too often we think only about success, how to be successful, what is success, how to succeed and to measure success. But rarely we realize that by failure we come to success. We should notice that by failure we learn things. Rarely we learn from success itself. We reach to our success by trying over and over again. We fail when we give up. To let go is not to give up, I keep this in my mind.

I will add here a beautiful inspiration quote:

" While we are postponing, life speeds by."