Ideal mom

Ideal mom:
Your "life teacher" and the "first guide" on your journey. The one who will love you always. The one for who you are the best, the most beautiful, the most smart and the most precious. The one who will give you all what you need. So you can fly strong and independent from your home nest. 

Self love

Self love

It is the most amazing topic, which recently, I love to talk or write about. It's something that heals you physically and mentally. It's the cure. The key that can set you free from all your daily worries and troubles that you have been preserving for years. The gift that you give yourself. At the end of the day...what matter is your self love.

Love has many languages

Love has many languages

Did you know that love has many languages...languages which people around the world can use:

To give gifts.

To praise and compliment.

To be with you, hold, cuddle and kiss.

To speak and share.

To help.

Do you censor yourself ?

Do you censor yourself ? how you look, what you speak, how you walk, what you dress, who you are ? Do you constantly behave certain way to be acceptable by others and loved ?

This is what some of us do, we censor ourselves in a fear that we will not be accepted by people. Finally we become so invisible, light like a feather and thin like a paper. We can end up not knowing ourselves.