Self-assumption: it's when you make up stories, opinions that aren't true, and thoughts and considerations that don't match the reality. Self-assumption can be misleading and it is considered to be a bad-habit. It can ruin your relationships. Hence you should break up with this habit in order to adapt new healthy ones.

The past

The past is gone, gone with the wind. No matter how nice it was, or how bad it was. What matters is now. And who I have become because of the past. What kind of person am I now in the present...and who do I strive to be.

Sometimes it's wiser to ask the right questions, rather than to ask about the past. I have no expectation from people, except myself. And I don't want anything from anyone, except to learn. Learning is life time process, I strive to be the better version of myself, and you should too.


Opossites attract each other

Opossites attract each other

Women (of course not all women) are often attracted to complicated men, controversial men, messy, with artistic or sport spirit, travelers or men who are unwilling to commit. Simply because women in their nature love to solve things, problems and issues, and on the other hand, they want to take care of someone who is completely different in every possible aspect from them. Opposites attract each other, whether you agree with this or not, it's true. It's one of the Universal principles on this planet. Principle of Yin and Yang.

Writing is an extended expression of myself

Some people have babies and they wake up at night to feed them. I haven't got a baby yet, but I wake up at night for my ideas, to write them down. I go to my laptop and write my thoughts and reflections, they come out of nowhere. And keep me busy and engaged until I formulate them to something that has meaning, to something that might be beautiful or special to me or to you.

Writing has become my another hobby besides my love to painting. An extended expression of myself. An urgent call to make myself clear, pure and understood. To make myself less complicated and more simple.

I like the song that is called "Unikat", by the way it is a slovak song, and it means unique:

I like the song that is called "Unikat", by the way it is a slovak song, and it means unique:

Every time I hear it, I want to listen to it one more time. Not only I am fascinated by words, powerful voice of the artist but also the melody. I confess that I don't know who is the singer, neither I have seen the video of this song..because I want to keep the song free from picture and delicate as it is in my ears.

Beautiful things attract us. Can inspire us. Motivate us.

Not their type of person

When someone tells you that you are not their type or person:

Tell them or yourself, that you are your own original copy of your self. Not any copy of any type. ( In fact, you are genetic copy of your parents : ) That you are beautiful just as you are and you strive to be the best version of yourself. Don't let this distract you from your originality.