Some thoughts about beauty

Some thoughts about beauty:

If there is a man who wants to be impressed by "Barbie like beauty"... you don't need him. If there is someone who finds "your mind attractive" ...he is the one.

Physical beauty fades with time, however inner beauty is permanent.

Beauty can blind you. Both physical and inner :-)

You can beautify yourself with cosmetics and make up, but what really matters is your raw, naked, natural beauty. Because it is real you, not someone else.

What is luck ?

What is luck?
I have found this definition on Wikipedia: it is notably positive or negative impact on events.


During past many years I have heard from people around me these affirmations: I have luck. It's only luck. I'm lucky. It's my lucky day. Or the opposite: I'm unlucky. It's unluck. It's my unlucky day.

So what is luck ? In other words how most people pursue it ?

Many people pursue it as something that randomly happens to them, or as something they deserve or not deserve, or as something like a fate.


You don't need hypnosis that makes you sleep, you need shift that wakes you up.

The quick adjustments to redirect your subconscious to work for you. For your best. So you can be your best. To be best at things you love.

Do you have drive ?

Do you have drive in everything you do ? In every step you make ? The passion ? The ultimate love for life itself ? The magnetism that attracts you to "things" that you love ? So, don't hold on...just wake up, shack up and get up. Walk your path, dance your way up the ice-berg of your goals, dreams and love(s).


No attachment is your inner freedom

It's your obligation, commitment and it's your decision to be your own superstar, superhero, super extra one for yourself for life time.

You don't need the luggage to carry, "free you come, free you go", "alone you are born (unless you have a twin sister or brother), alone you die."

No attachment is your inner freedom.