Some of my thoughts

A problem stops being a problem when you stop seing it as a problem.

Life always reminds us that nothing is forever.

My way is the way of heart.

The less you push and try hard, the easier things are and come to you.


I always knew I will not live a very typical life, I always knew that I don't blend to any cultural background, that I will stay aloof despite being in crowds. I have always been aware that being mixed raced I will not belong to any race completely. And the fact that I have lived in many countries and been introduced to different cultures and languages made me different. My accent is a bit different and my world visions may vary and probably I perceive the world in a broader lense. I have fully accepted my difference in a society. Now, I see my shortcomings as strengths.


Very often some unpleasant situations or bad situations, bring something good, in other words, we can find wisdom in adversity if we trully understand it and learn from it. If one door is closed another is opened and sometimes even better.