What is neurobics?

It's brain exercise to improve your brain and your memory.

The term cognitive training (also called brain training or neurobics) reflects a hypothesis that cognitive abilities can be maintained or improved by exercising the brain, in an analogy to the way physical fitness is improved by exercising the body.

Mental activity (brain fitness) is associated with reduced risks of age-related dementia.

The year 2018

Welcome the unknown, the mystery, the adventure, empathy, understanding, wisdom, harmony, peace, creativity, love, success, joy, positivity, happy surprises, the year 2018 :- )

Liberate yourself

There are people who you think are your friends, and those who you trust, and those who you ask for help and all of them disappoint you. They ignore you and treat you with indifference and disinterest. You beg them to help you, to understand you. Let them go away. And you will attract amazing people, that you have never dreamt of, precious people, loving and caring. These are not those who will supress you, traumatize you, terrorize you, or treat you with judgement. Forgive yourself that you were attached to those who hurt you and you will liberate yourself.

Those people who annoy us the most, are our best teachers

Those people who annoy us the most, are our best teachers.
They show us what is still unresolved, undiscovered, untold or what's unhealthy. They remind us of our inner issues from past experiences with our interaction with people whether privately or generally. They show us our weaknesses, shortcomings and pain. And it's great opportunity to resolve that, we should not take them and what they say offensively but rather like a radar that can show us what's wrong in order to make it right.

The moment you accept yourself, your life changes.

The moment you accept yourself, your life changes.
Many people don't accept who they are, nor their past, family, fears, life traumas, bad experiences, relationships or how they look. And they fight with all these things. And they remain unhappy. The moment you accept everything about you and love yourself you change, for better.