Thoughts many of us have

"I was too kind, too empathetic, too good, too friendly, too nice, too open, too eager, too close, too available, too feminine, too compationate, too trustful, too naive, too childlike with wonder, too enthusiastic to get to know you, to get on with you. And from you, dear unknown or known one, I have learned to be realistic, rational, more private, more selfish, more closed and distant. Yesterday I was one who would run to you, today I am one who loves running as a sport activity. Yesterday I was searching, waiting, hoping, today I am content.

What is Cortisol ?

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is often called the "stress hormone" because of its connection to the stress response, however, cortisol is much more than just a hormone released during stress. Understanding cortisol and its affect on the body will help you balance your hormones and achieve good health.

Living on the edge

Living on the edge
"Living on the edge, is the opposite of stability and security, it's the contrast, the rebellion, variety, instability, the constant change, or search, it's taking the route less taken, less common, it's the risky ride on highway, it's born to be wild, it's aloneness or loneliness itself, it's more "me than we", it's the self, it's the travel, never settling down, it's to be on go, it's now, the present, the adventure, the latitude, the pure vision on a cloudy day."