Why are people so afraid to be vulnerable ?

Why are people so afraid to be vulnerable ?

What is it to be vulnerable ? it is showing your naked soul, your raw thoughts, your unleashed feelings no matter what others will think of you. You don't care if they will like you or not.

It is risky of course.

It is to be a stunt man.

It is like working in share-market business, you never know when you lose or when you win.

Why are they afraid to show their inner world ? To express their feelings, thoughts, desires, likes, dislikes in words not only "the press the button style" ?

Amazing interview to watch

Amazing interview on london real

Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep | How To Sleep Better & Improve Your Life


Here are notes from the interview:

Sleep can effect your life, length of your life and deseases.

If you are scientist you probably are more interested in questions than answers, unlike doctors.

Sleep is still a scientific mystery.

Every function of body is influenced by sleep.


"But the truth is, stress is not really the problem. The problem is that we need to respond differently—not only to stress but to anything that makes us uncomfortable. We need to make space so we can respond differently. And most of us have no idea how to do that."