Do you have drive ?

Do you have drive in everything you do ? In every step you make ? The passion ? The ultimate love for life itself ? The magnetism that attracts you to "things" that you love ? So, don't hold on...just wake up, shack up and get up. Walk your path, dance your way up the ice-berg of your goals, dreams and love(s).

No attachment is your inner freedom

It's your obligation, commitment and it's your decision to be your own superstar, superhero, super extra one for yourself for life time.

You don't need the luggage to carry, "free you come, free you go", "alone you are born (unless you have a twin sister or brother), alone you die."

No attachment is your inner freedom.

What can shift the relationships among people ?

Those who are too empathetic, hypersensitive, fragile, too spiritual, etheric, vulnerable should learn to be more self focused, strong, materialistic and subjective rather than objective.

Those who are materialistic, too shallow, who take everything for granted should learn the spiritual, humanic and abstract attributes and start thinking about others rather than only about themselves.

When this is cultivated it can shift the relationships among people to most enriching hights and to another level.

"If the world was blind how would you impress them?" or "If you were blind what would impress you ?"

There are people who tend to bring the best in others and the beauty the abstract one: your vibe, charisma, charm, energy, etheric, aura, soul is the first thing that catches their inner vision. What do you see first "pretty woman" or "pretty soul" ?

If the world was blind how would you impress them ? or If you were blind what would impress you ? :-)

When you give it all, you loose.

Yes, disappointment hurts so much. When you trust someone, and you "give it all", you loose. Never make anyone more important than you. Some people are so mean, and treat you ill, and you forgive them, because you see through them, you see their ugliness and beauty. And you excuse and overlook their toxic behaviour. But, how mistaken you are, it's a road that leads to nowhere, it's darkness with no light, a bankrupt of your feelings. They have nothing to give. Emptiness.

Insightful thoughts

"Examining how babies behave in certain circumstances where adults struggle is instructive in so many ways. The reason for that is that babies still have something we were all born with, but often lose: the birthright of confidence. Unless they are in direct pain or discomfort, babies don’t cry. They don’t create false realities, project about what the future will bring, or feel fearful of things that haven’t happened yet, be it a plane crash, an exam, or a presentation at work, they don’t stress about their appearance.

The composition of our happiness.

Sometimes, somebody's "no" can be our "yes" to ourselves. This can universally transform your life to depths. Never ever you would expect this shattering transformation to change you, in a such positive way. In a way that literally can save your life. You become empowered woman/man the day you discover self-love. And you learn to let go those who don't love you, you learn not to give a shit what others think of you and you learn not to give shit when others take you for granted. These things matter, or shall I say abstracts ?

Those who don't belong to you will leave soon or later.

Those who don't belong to you will leave soon or later.
When you show your naked heart, unleash your soul, present your raw personality, it's all or nothing. You have to play it fair. No secrets, no regrets, no boundaries, no tricks, no mind games. Just raw truth. People have a choice; whether they will accept you, be fond of you, die for you...or leave you and let you go. They have a choice; whether to unlock the doors, or shut down and build the walls round their heart. It's easy to run away. Those who don't belong to you will leave soon or later.