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Along with the hard work of accepting past events, you must also accept yourself, both as you are now and as you were. You can change what you are but you cannot change what you were.

The message is not that you should have no feelings for past problems. Having feelings is part of being human-they are natural and normal. However, it is best when they are in keeping with the event, and not all out of proportion.

Living on the edge

Living on the edge
Living on the edge, is the opposite of monogamy, it's the contrast, the rebellion, variety, instability, the constant change, or search, it's taking the route less taken, less common, it's the risky ride on highway, it's born to be wild, it's aloneness or loneliness itself, it's more "me than we", it's the self, it's the travel, never settling down, it's to be on go, it's now, the present, the adventure, the latitude, the pure vision on a cloudy day.