"No ego and we go." Wim Hof

"No ego and we go." Wim Hof

"Learn to control your mind and you will be happy, strong and healthy." Wim Hof

"Learn about your brain, learn about hormones and neurotransmitters and you will understand how your body works, because mind and body are connected. You will have a strong immunity. Learn to breath right. Calm your mind." Wim Hof on interview.


A HSP (Highly sensitive person):

has a rich and complex inner life
is deeply moved by the arts and music
is sensitive to pain, caffeine, and hunger
readily notices sensory changes

Researchers linked this trait to positive qualities but also to mental illnesses. It is not surprising that this trait is found in artists, poets and is linked to giftedness, creativity and empathy. At the same time, a HSP is at a higher risk of depression.

The moment in time

The moment in time
The moment you start to love yourself, is the moment you are reborn into the world, it is your orgasmic birth.
It's your personal transformation. Your life blossoms when you love yourself just like when a bud blooms to a beautiful flower.
Your self-love is contagious, people around you know it, feel it, sense it and they start loving you unconditionally, just the way you love them.

Altered states of consciousness

"Altered states of consciousness, sometimes called non-ordinary states, include various mental states in which the mind can be aware but is not in its usual wakeful condition, such as during hypnosis, meditation, hallucination, trance, and the dream stage. Altered states can occur anywhere from yoga class to the birth of a child. They allow us to see our lives and ourselves with a broader lens and from different angles of perception than the ordinary mind." Internet.

Your subconscious mind by Marisa Peer

Your subconscious mind is much stronger than your conscious mind. It is said that only 10 per cent of our mind is conscious, and the other 90 per cent is subconscious, while willpower accounts for only 4 per cent of the conscious mind percentage. The conscious mind is the mind of choice, while the subconscious is the mind of preference, and we always choose what we prefer. This is important because while you may consciously long for something, your subconscious mind may prefer something quite different.


What is neurobics?

It's brain exercise to improve your brain and your memory.

The term cognitive training (also called brain training or neurobics) reflects a hypothesis that cognitive abilities can be maintained or improved by exercising the brain, in an analogy to the way physical fitness is improved by exercising the body.

Mental activity (brain fitness) is associated with reduced risks of age-related dementia.

Those people who annoy us the most, are our best teachers

Those people who annoy us the most, are our best teachers.
They show us what is still unresolved, undiscovered, untold or what's unhealthy. They remind us of our inner issues from past experiences with our interaction with people whether privately or generally. They show us our weaknesses, shortcomings and pain. And it's great opportunity to resolve that, we should not take them and what they say offensively but rather like a radar that can show us what's wrong in order to make it right.