Bird's-eye view

Bird's-eye view:  is a view from a very high place that allows you to see a large area. It is an English idiom which in Slovak language means "pohlad s nadhladom" or "byť nad vecou".

You can learn to control your mind

You can learn to control your mind.
Sometimes I have hard time to fall asleep. Especially when I have little physical activity during a day or much mental activity during a day. Last time I couldn't sleep well and I started to be nervous and anxious about that for few seconds, but then I managed somehow my nervousness. I controlled it and it was gone, I totally accepted "my that moment state", which was unability to sleep or to fall asleep.
Next day, I thought about this alot. The conclusion is:

Fifty shades of blue

Fifty shades of blue
I love blue colour and all shades of blue. I try to surround myself with blue, wear blue and paint blue pictures as much as possible. I love blue sky, blue eyes, blueberries, blue diamonds and blues. I even love idioms in English language like: once in a blue moon, out of blue, feeling blue :-)

Strip and tease

Strip and tease
Strip all the layers that obstruct you physically, emotionally and mentally and you will feel relief. You will be soul naked, raw, bio and natural, unpredictable, irreplaceable, unforgettable. You will tease those who like you or dislike you, you will be an instant message, an urgent, and rude reminder to be real and whole.

Soul kiss or French kiss

Soul kiss or French kiss
When you unleash your true nature, character, thoughts, feelings, desires to someone special, this person accepts you just as you are. And shares you their love, you let them kiss your soul or kiss you in French :-) Actually, soul kiss is French kiss.

Chinese medicine

In Chinese medicine, the eyes are considered the windows to a person's soul and physically are connected to the liver.
Large eyes indicate superior lovers. Small eyes indicate a rational mind. Eyes are an organ of expression, they can emote a feeling or communication better than speaking.

Love affair

It is said that when woman wins her lover's affection with her eyes, this love is an intellectual affair. But when she wins her lover's affection with her lips, it is a passionate affair.