Thoughts of today

Thoughts of today

For me to be creative in life, to be in flow and to surf "the wave of life", to let go of everything what I need not, to let in everything that I fall in love with, to surrender, to be productive in the most optimal way, I need an emotional trigger. An impuls that mixes my inner world with the outer. Something stronger than myself, something enormously "distant and close" at the same time. Something that pulsates together with my heart beat. Then, I can be creative, active, proactive, reactive, formative, alive.

In order to be a good learner of English language and a fluent speaker, what to do ?

In order to be a good learner of English language, a fluent speaker and succeed at learning it as a second language and mastering it efficiently in all areas of your life you need to make a lot of introspection, self-reflection and evaluation besides a lot of practise at lessons and in real life. In some areas you can definitely apply the 80/20 principle especially in grammar and focus your predominant attention and intention on vocabulary. It's your legitimate right.