"But the truth is, stress is not really the problem. The problem is that we need to respond differently—not only to stress but to anything that makes us uncomfortable. We need to make space so we can respond differently. And most of us have no idea how to do that."

Notes from Esther Perels talk on youtube

These are some notes I have taken while listening and watching to Esther Perel video on youtube.

The talk is called modern love and relationships

Esther Perel

Modern love and relationships

Marriage in past was until the death, not as we have it today till love dies.

Never before the survival of family depended on the happiness of couple.

The quality of your relationships is what determines the quality of your life.

The transformation of jealousy

Let jealousy remind you that you don't have less than others because you too can have anything in this life.

Don't be jealous of somebody because they have something that you want, let jealousy define what is it that you want, and start working on that.

Transform jealousy into a process that highlights you desires.

If you are jealous of talented women, this does not mean that they are better or more than you, meaning it's time for you to stop playing small, and give yourself permission to embrace all the beauty and talents that you have too.