Dr. Bruce Lipton. Notes from interview. Coronavirus, epigenetics, and immune system.

Dr. Bruce Lipton. Notes from London real interview. Coronavirus, epigenetics, and immune system.

The most dangerous part of Covid-19 is fear.

Bruce Lipton is an expert of immune system.

What is this virus? Massmedia wants to make from it something more than what it is. However, it is flu. PERIOD.

Most people don't have immunological memory of flu. So they cant build resistence to it.

The fear that is generated around Coronavirus is the biggest problem.

Some of my thoughts during past few years

"For me to be creative in life, to be in flow and to surf "the wave of life", to let go of everything what I need not, to let in everything that I fall in love with, to surrender, to be productive in the most optimal way, I need an emotional trigger. An impuls that mixes my inner world with the outer. Something stronger than myself, something enormously "distant and close" at the same time. Something that pulsates together with my heart beat. Then, I can be creative, active, proactive, reactive, formative, alive."

Zen living



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