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"Examining how babies behave in certain circumstances where adults struggle is instructive in so many ways. The reason for that is that babies still have something we were all born with, but often lose: the birthright of confidence. Unless they are in direct pain or discomfort, babies don’t cry. They don’t create false realities, project about what the future will bring, or feel fearful of things that haven’t happened yet, be it a plane crash, an exam, or a presentation at work, they don’t stress about their appearance.

The composition of our happiness.

Sometimes, somebody's "no" can be our "yes" to ourselves. This can universally transform your life to depths. Never ever you would expect this shattering transformation to change you, in a such positive way. In a way that literally can save your life. You become empowered woman/man the day you discover self-love. And you learn to let go those who don't love you, you learn not to give a shit what others think of you and you learn not to give shit when others take you for granted. These things matter, or shall I say abstracts ?

Those who don't belong to you will leave soon or later.

Those who don't belong to you will leave soon or later.
When you show your naked heart, unleash your soul, present your raw personality, it's all or nothing. You have to play it fair. No secrets, no regrets, no boundaries, no tricks, no mind games. Just raw truth. People have a choice; whether they will accept you, be fond of you, die for you...or leave you and let you go. They have a choice; whether to unlock the doors, or shut down and build the walls round their heart. It's easy to run away. Those who don't belong to you will leave soon or later.

What is Cortisol ?

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is often called the "stress hormone" because of its connection to the stress response, however, cortisol is much more than just a hormone released during stress. Understanding cortisol and its affect on the body will help you balance your hormones and achieve good health.

Ultimate bond with those who deserve it

Sometimes in life, when we fall down almost to the bottom, we lose hope, our identity, clear vision. At that moment, when we are so deep in distress, out of somewhere... strangers come to our life, and become the most closest beings to our soul, the ultimate soul bond happens. The people you know for years turn their back to you, take you for granted, treat you the worst they can.  However with these lovely people, in a matter of seconds, the ultimate bond is created, so human, so natural. They have so clear desire to help you, they don't have agenda. Who are these people? You don't know.

How to live healthy and successful life?

These valuable advices are from internet from wise peaple, they can help you to live healthy and successful life.

Along with the hard work of accepting past events, you must also accept yourself, both as you are now and as you were. You can change what you are but you cannot change what you were.

The message is not that you should have no feelings for past problems. Having feelings is part of being human-they are natural and normal. However, it is best when they are in keeping with the event, and not all out of proportion.